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Why we do this?

We’ve served our customers for over 20 years with a consistent mission: to unleash the power of the workforce.
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Why we do this?

The people at our company, Alliance Enterprises, have the unique combination of being technical experts in the vocational rehabilitation community AND possess a fierce passion for serving our customers.

Our software, Aware, is the nation’s leading VR software program, used by 37 state agencies and 24 tribal nations. More than 12,000 VR counselors use our software to help over 1 million of their clients find and maintain meaningful work each year. This is our livelihood, and we love it.

We’ve served our customers for over 20 years with a consistent mission: to unleash the power of the workforce. We believe every person, no matter their disability, deserves an opportunity to do meaningful work.

“We’ve built our company around taking great care of our customers, and that’s why we’ve organized this event,” said Lisa Gifford, who owns Alliance with husband Rick Gifford. “We intend to bring the best and brightest together and hold this forum where we can discuss the relevant topics of the day, like WIOA and emerging technologies, and learn from each other.”

The Seattle-area technology company started small in the VR industry back in the 1990s, helping Washington state’s VR agency with the company’s pilot software program, Aware. The value of the software spread by word of mouth over the next couple decades as VR agencies across the country implemented Aware and it became the market leader.

Our business grew over the years to become an Inc. 5000 company in 2016, one of the fastest-growing private companies in the country. Through that growth, the Giffords have kept customer satisfaction as the thing that motivates them most. Lisa and staff constantly travel to customer locations to work with them face to face and to ensure they’re having a great experience using Aware.

At getAwareLive!, customers not only get the in-person experience of Alliance experts they get the volumes of knowledge from a wide range of VR and Workforce leaders and experts from around the country, technology experts, trainers, and financial and reporting specialists.

“It’s a power-packed lineup of great speakers and terrific schedule of training sessions lined up,” Gifford said. “It’s going to be an awesome couple days for our customers.”

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