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Elaine Robertson: I now know how to make it easier for counselors

The getAwareLive! 2017 conference sure paid off for Elaine Robertson of the South Carolina Commission for the Blind, who called it "the most valuable conference" she'd ever attended, during her time at her agency.
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“The most valuable conference that you’ve sent me to, in the entire time I’ve worked for your agency”

The inaugural getAwareLive! conference brought together vocational rehabilitation professionals from across the United States to learn, to interact, and to be inspired! During our time in Dallas, we had the pleasure of speaking with some of our attendees, who were eager to share their experiences about the conference. Select the video below for Elaine’s story.

Elaine: I am absolutely loving this conference. I actually told my boss, the first day, this is the most valuable conference that you have sent me to in the entire time I’ve worked for your agency. I really didn’t know a whole lot about the back door of Aware. I knew what it could do, because I’ve worked in a state where it does a lot, but ours didn’t do that. After attending sessions on Managed Layouts, on the reports, I now know how to go and make it easier for the counselors on the front end, and for me that is super exciting. I work with our Director in doing counselor trainings, so this is gonna help us doing those counselor trainings as well, building in the case management and documentation they have to do. This is going to be exceptional.  I mean I’m super excited about it because I was a former counselor, and I know how much time it’s taking them right now and how frustrated they’re getting, and I’m so excited to go back and be able to share this and say: “you know what, we can make your life easier.

Karen (Alliance): Thank you so much Elaine —

Elaine: Thank you

Karen (Alliance): We really appreciate it.

Elaine: And I’m looking forward to the rest of the conference too.

Karen (Alliance): Wonderful.