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Customers Give Edit Checker A Thumbs-Up

The RSA-911 edit checker has piqued the interest of, and is now being used by agencies across the United States.
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Customers Give Edit Checker A Thumbs-Up

At the recent CSAVR and NCSAB conferences we kept hearing something that made us smile bigger every time we heard it. Our state agency customers really benefited from the recently released RSA-911 Edit Checker, and they kept approaching us to share the news.

The tool launched in late October just in time to be used to validate data in the first RSA-911 quarterly report, due on November 15. Only three months earlier Alliance announced it would develop the tool at getAwareLive! 2017. We want to thank the open-source community that helped us develop the tool in short order.

“We’re all about supporting our customers the best we can, and nothing makes us happier than making their jobs easier,” said Lisa Gifford, Director of Strategic Accounts at Alliance Enterprises.RSA 911 Edit Checker Tool Image


Here’s a sample of comments we heard at the conferences, related to the Edit Checker:


Thank you so much for the RSA-911 Edit Checker!  When we heard the Alliance announcement, we took a deep sigh of relief.
– Data Unit Manager plus several other people


We submitted our RSA-911 early, thanks to Alliance!
– Agency Field Director


Thank you very much for developing the RSA-911 Edit Checker. My staff used it, it worked well and it was instrumental in us completing our submission.  We couldn’t have done it without you.
– Agency Director (not using Aware)


We plan to run the RSA-911 monthly in Aware and through the Edit Checker so we can stay up on our data integrity.  Thank you for creating great tools for us to use.
– Agency Policy and Planning Director


Louisiana successfully submitted the RSA-911.  Thanks for your help!
– Agency Director


We realize that data integrity practices and tools, such as the RSA-911 Edit Checker, are critically important for our customers. That’s why we’ll be making it a key focus area at getAwareLive! 2018.

Stay tuned for announcements soon!

For more information about the RSA-911 Edit Checker site – or to be involved in this open-source community – go here.